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You need to meet a famous coach for a college application? Done. 


You want to get into real estate? Here are 25 of my friends for you to contact. 


You want to learn entrepreneurship? Here is a summer camp where you meet with Wichita business leaders who all want to help you. 


You want to be on a Wichita Chamber board but aren’t old enough? I’ll make it happen. 


Like business titans of old, Marquetta Atkins connects crucial needs with tailored products. Wichita has historically struggled with talent retainment where graduates and entrepreneurs have fled for the coasts. Young people in Wichita, I have heard endlessly complain, that there is “no opportunity here.” She has served both of these challenges by both becoming a producer and retainer of talent, and by becoming the opportunity. Marquetta Atkins has made it her mission to open doors and create opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesspeople. She connects young people to their futures. 


I have nothing but good things to say about her and Camp Destination Innovation. I personally invest money in this organization even though I am still young. Every dollar invested into this organization is an investment in our city with a guaranteed return. 


The camp does 4 major things:

  • Show young people examples of what is possible

  • Create a network foundation

  • Teach business principles

  • Establish the correct mindset for future learning and opportunity


Even though I learned a lot during my days at camp, I have reaped the most benefit from camp years after the fact. The ideas of “seizing golden tickets” and “learning something from everyone” stick with me today. As I have gotten to know lots of people in my industry of choice who have offered me help, offered me jobs, and sat with me to talk, I have realized that all but a few of these connections were introduced to me by Marquetta or can be traced back to someone who she introduced me to. Just like any investment, time and money spent for this organization will compound and grow our community exponentially. 


Nick Flores 

Camp DI Alumni 2018


Camp Destination Innovation gave me a golden ticket into Wichita’s local economy and all of its inner workings. It revealed the beauty of business and entrepreneurship to me, while surrounding me with like minded talented teens who became a lifelong network. Ms. Marquetta taught me how to turn my dream into a reality. During the camp, she gave me and my peers the tools to build the careers  we want.  However, her help doesn’t end there.  Ms. Marquetta is the true definition of a mentor. During the summer camp, she took time to learn my goals and aspirations. Then during the rest of the year, she constantly connects me to resources she knows will help me with my goals. 


On the Kansas Youth Virtual Entrepreneurship Challenge 1st place winner in the High School Division:


The KYVEC helped me realize my goals during the pandemic. The challenge helped pick my spirits up and gave me something to look forward to! I used my prize money to help me prepare for college in the Fall.  It was a truly unexpected blessing. The money was a plus, but I was mostly looking forward to competing.  I would most definitely recommend other youth to take place in the challenge, just for the experience. The feedback I received from the judges went a long way. 

Lovette Mba


Lovette is attending Langston University, and is returning to camp summer 2021 as an intern 

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